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Join our team: meet people, learn new skills and, above all, make a real difference to children's lives.

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In addition to child sponsorship, Children of Cameroon also helps older children and young people to access education and training.


Some of these young people were sponsored through school, but now that they have left, sponsorship has stopped for whatever reason. We take our appeals very seriously – we only ask for money for an individual if they have no safe way of financing it themselves. Any donation is very gratefully received, and even a small amount can make a massive difference to a young person in Cameroon.


Please see our worthwhile appeals below.

Appeal for Carine’s

University Programme

Carine Diangha Success

We have amazing news: Carine Diangha has been accepted onto a Bachelor’s degree programme in Marketing, at the National Polytechnic, Bamenda. However, she cannot take up the place without help.

Carine’s parents both passed away before her twelfth birthday. She and her younger siblings were sent to live with their aunt. With very little money, Carine was unable to attend school. A sponsor kindly paid for Carine’s school fees and equipment, along with food for her and her siblings. Thanks to this support, she was able to complete school. (Please read more about our Child Sponsorship Programme.)


Carine has been studious about her education and showed great ability from a young age. She passed all seven GCEs with grades A-C, and went on to complete a Diploma in marketing. For many young, financially disadvantaged individuals like Carine, a university degree is nothing more than a pipe dream. However, we at Children of Cameroon want to help Carine to reach her educational and personal goals, so that she can take control of her future.


We are asking for your support. In Bamenda, Cameroon, one years’ university tuition, and living costs, comes to just £620 GBP. Any donation would be gratefully received. For example, £10 would pay for Carine’s food for a month, while she is studying. Or, £100 would pay for two month’s university tuition. Click here to make a donation to support Carine’s education.


Thank you for your ongoing support, and for helping Carine.

Sylvia’s Electrical Engineering Degree Course

Sylvia is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at institut universitaire SIANTOU, in Yaounde, Cameroon.


Sylvia grew up in Boyo as an orphan, having lost both of her parents before she was 10. She benefited from child sponsorship through her school life, and with this help she has achieved highly and now dreams of a career in electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineering is a male-dominated industry in Cameroon, which makes Sylvia’s success so far even more impressive.


Tuition fees are 400,000 Central African Francs, per year. This is around £542. As Sylvia has two years left of her course, she will need a total of £1084.


Please consider helping Sylvia to complete her studies and, importantly, to have to skills to support herself financially in the future.