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In addition to child sponsorship, Children of Cameroon also helps older children and young people to access education and training.


Some of these young people were sponsored through school, but now that they have left, sponsorship has stopped for whatever reason. We take our appeals very seriously – we only ask for money for an individual if they have no safe way of financing it themselves. Any donation is very gratefully received, and even a small amount can make a massive difference to a young person in Cameroon.


Please see our worthwhile appeals below.



Dear sponsors and supporters,

Please read on to learn more about our most recent appeal to help the children catch up. 

There are many reasons why children in Cameroon can fall behind with their education. Very often, their families can’t afford school fees or textbooks, so the children are unable to attend. Over the last few years, the Anglophone crisis has meant that schools were closed for several years, and then only opened intermittently after this. Children living in the affected areas fell even further behind.

As the children we work with have gradually found sponsors, they’ve been able to return to school with their fees fully paid. However, we have several older children who are many years behind where they should be in terms of their ages and school years. Children who are this far behind are at a far higher risk of dropping out, as they feel embarrassed that they are surrounded by much younger children who are also more used to learning.

We're raising money to pay for private tuition for these older children between now and June, when they have their end-of-year exams. If they can catch up a little in that time, we may be able to ask the school to allow them to skip a year or two, and be a little closer to their target year groups for their ages.


For each child to have extra tuition between now and June, it will cost £30 per month, so £150 in total per child. The children could really benefit from some extra help in the evenings from a qualified teacher, so they can progress a little faster.

If you feel able to donate towards, or share this appeal it to your friends, we would be so grateful

Thank you very much,

The team at Children of Cameroon. 

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