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Age: 17


Brandon was born in 2003 in Bamenda, and now lives in Yaounde – the capital city of Cameroon. Brandon grew up with two sisters – one older and one younger. Brandon’s mother does subsistence farming and has no income to pay for her children’s schooling or other basic needs.


Brandon is academically gifted and his favourite subject is maths. He dreams of becoming a civil engineer.


In his leisure time, Brandon enjoys playing the piano.


Brandon is an intelligent young man and scored very highly in his end of school exams. A local pastor has identified his gifts and is paying for his engineering university fees. What Brandon needs is a lower level sponsorship so that he can have nutritious food, access to healthcare, and other important basics such as clothing and books.


If you sponsor Brandon, you will receive monthly reports. These reports will include photos of Brandon, and will inform you of what Brandon has been doing and how your sponsorship money is being spent.


We have three levels of sponsorship, starting at £20 per month.

For more information about Children of Cameroon’s sponsorship programme, please click here.