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Age: 6, born Sept 2011

Lives at: Acha, Belo, Boyo Division of Cameroon

Form at school: Form 1

School: Gtc Njinikejem

Favourite subject: Physics and Computer Studies


Larissa is a brilliant, promising young woman. Some describe her as ‘wiser than her years.’ She was born into a polygamous family where her father had two wives. With other children in the family and no stable income, Larissa’s journey through school has not been smooth. In Larissa’s own words, she is never at peace in school. Each time the teacher steps into the room, Larissa is afraid she may be sent home from school, because she has not paid fees or brought textbooks. Though she is in Form 1, she articulates very well in English.

Favourite colour: Pink 

Favourite food: Fufu corn with huckleberries

She loves: Dancing, reading and playing

She wants to become: Medical Doctor