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Age: 16, born May 2001

Lives at: Acha, Belo, Boyo Division of Cameroon

Form at school: Form 3

School: Gtc Njinikejem

Favourite subject: Accounting and Computer Studies


She lives in Njinikejem, Kom. Praises was born out of wedlock. According to Kom tradition, her paternal grandfather is supposed to bring her up. However, he is an elderly man and has been unable to consistently pay for Praises’ schooling. She struggles to pay the fees and has never had basic textbooks. The man who later married her mother sometimes helps, but because he is unemployed and has other children, Praises has not had an easy life. Our partner, Goodness and Mercy Missions, has helped her to learn some computer skills, but she desperately needs a sound education to secure a better future for herself and her family.

Favourite colour: Yellow 

Favourite food: Fufu corn with huckleberries

She loves: Singing and reading

She wants to become: An accountant