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Age: 19

Albertine was born in 2004, which means she is currently nineteen years old. She lives in Belo, which is in the Boyo region of Cameroon, with her grandmother and two siblings. Up until recently, Albertine and has been in school, but her grandmother’s health has deteriorated and she can no longer farm to pay for Albertine’s school fees and other needs.


Albertine was in lower sixth form when she had to leave school, which means she has under two years of school remaining. She is academically gifted and had ranked first place in her class, for several years running. She needs a sponsor to help her through these last two years of school so she can achieve her potential.


Albertine’s favourite subject is Biology. She loves playing handball and her favourite colour is blue. Albertine tells us that after school, she would like to qualify as a nurse. 


Sponsorship will allow Albertine to attend school with all books, stationery and other equipment she needs for the final two years of her education. 


If you sponsor Albertine, you will receive monthly reports. These reports will include photos of Albertine, and inform you of what she  has been doing and how your sponsorship money is being spent.


We have three levels of sponsorship, starting at £20 per month. Your help will change life and the future for Albertine and her family.

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