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Age: 12

Zenedine was born in 2010 and lives in Belo, which is in an English-speaking region of Cameroon. Zenedine’s father sadly died recently, leaving his mother - who is a farmer - to take care of him and his brothers and sisters. 


Zenedine is in Class 4 at school.


Sponsorship will allow Zenedine to continue school with all the books, stationery, and other equipment he needs. Your help will also pay for nutritious food for Zenedine and his family, access to healthcare if he is unwell, and other important basics such as clothing.


If you sponsor Zenedine, you will receive monthly reports. These reports will include photos of Zenedine, inform you of what he has been doing, and detail how your sponsorship money is being spent.


We have three levels of sponsorship, starting at £20 per month. Your help will change life and the future for Zenedine and his family.

For more information about Children of Cameroon’s sponsorship programme, please click here.

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