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Children of Cameroon is a small organisation that coordinates sponsorship for children living below the poverty line in Cameroon.

A world map showing the location of Cameroon, where Children of Cameroon works.

What We Do

We identify children in need in Cameroon, and find sponsors to support their education and help them break the cycle of poverty.


Children Needing Sponsorship

Sponsorship starts at just £15 per month.

Please see our children who are currently seeking sponsorship.

What makes our sponsorship programme different?

We work with rural communities in Cameroon, to enable children to access education, healthcare and nutrition.
Why sponsor a child with Children of Cameroon?

1. You will receive monthly reports, telling you what your sponsored child has been up to and how your money is being spent

2. Every penny of your sponsorship donations will go directly to your sponsored child – none of it goes on admin or general causes

3. We are a small organisation that focuses on the ‘personal touch’ - we know each of our children well and are always on hand to answer your questions.


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If you don't feel ready to sponsor today, please consider making a donation.

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