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The Catch-up Classes Appeal

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There are many reasons why children in Cameroon can fall behind with their education. Very often, their families can’t afford school fees or textbooks, so the children are unable to attend. Over the last few years, the Anglophone crisis has meant that schools were closed for several years, and then only opened intermittently after this. Children living in the affected areas fell even further behind.

As the children we work with have gradually found sponsors, they’ve been able to return to school with their fees fully paid. However, we have several older children who are many years behind where they should be in terms of their ages and school years. Children who are this far behind are at a far higher risk of dropping out, as they feel embarrassed that they are surrounded by much younger children who are also more used to learning.


The catch-up classes are open to many children and have proved a massive success so far. The word has spread around the community and there are more and more children who would like to attend coming along each week. Our priority goes to our sponsored children and children on our books who are not yet sponsored but providing we can raise the funds and keep the class sizes small enough, we’d of course like as many children as possible to benefit.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to or shared our appeal - we really appreciate it. In order to keep running the classes, we will continue to promote the appeal and raise more funds to pay the teachers. If you feel able to share our appeal with anyone you know, we’d be very grateful. 

At the moment, we have a fundraiser set up making it easier to share and donate to. The goal per month is about £78. 

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If you don't feel ready to sponsor today, please consider making a donation.

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