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Sponsorship starts at just £20 per month.

Find out what we do, how our sponsorship programme is different and the children who are currently seeking sponsorship.

What We Do

Children of Cameroon focuses on sponsorship to enable children to access education. We believe that education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle, and to empowering children and young people to achieve their goals in life.

Levels of sponsorship

Sponsorship money pays for your sponsored child’s school fees, as well as school essentials such as textbooks, uniform, and stationary. Furthermore, sponsorship pays for fresh vegetables every week for the child and their family, and other basics such as blankets and clothes, as and when the child needs them.

Every purchase is recorded on the monthly reports.


Levels of Sponsorship

When you choose to sponsor a child, you can select from one of three levels, depending on your budget:

£20 – Level 1 sponsorship
£20 per month will pay for a child’s educational needs, such as school fees, uniform, books and stationary. It will also pay for fresh vegetables from the market each week.

£25 – Level 2 sponsorship
£25 per month will pay for all educational, nutritional and healthcare needs. 

£30 – Full sponsorship
£30 per month will pay for all of a child’s basic needs. This includes: school fees and equipment, vegetables and other food basics each week, healthcare, and home-life essentials such as clothing, blankets, etc. as and when the child needs them. 

Sponsorship makes a huge difference to a child’s life. In addition to the relief of having essentials such as school fees taken care of, many children feel an emotional benefit from knowing that someone cares about them and their future. Some of our sponsors like to email their sponsored children, and the children are excited to write back.

We are always happy to facilitate contact.


If you are ready to start your sponsorship journey, please see our list of children who are currently seeking sponsorship.

Children needing sponsorship

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