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  • Kristian Latosinski

5 Ways You Can Make a Difference This Christmas

It’s getting closer to Christmas and with one of the most difficult years in recent history coming to an end, there’s no better time to support a good cause and help those who are most vulnerable. Charity has always been at the heart of Christmas celebrations, but it’s easy to feel lost about how exactly you can have a positive impact on the lives of others. So, in this article, we’ll be helping you to decide how you can help during the festive season by looking at 5 ways you can make a difference this year.

1. Donate

Donating is one of the most immediate and flexible ways that you can support a charity. It’s an extremely popular form of giving and almost every charity accepts donations, so it’s easy to find a cause you’re passionate about that you can put your money towards. The way you give is as flexible as your options when donating, too. You can donate once or make a regular donation each month and generally the amount you give is entirely up to you, meaning that you can give according to your needs and budget.

At Children of Cameroon, we offer the option to make a general donation directly to the charity so you can help fund our mission to improve the education and lives of disadvantaged Cameroonian children. You can also donate specifically to one of our children who is in need of financial support. A £4 donation could supply a child with a school uniform, while a £20 donation could cover a child’s school fees. Any amount of money you donate could change a child’s life.

With so much flexibility in how you can give, donating to a charity is an easy and efficient way you can make a difference at Christmas.

2. Sponsor

If you’re interested in donating regularly to a cause you’re passionate about, sponsorship could be for you. Sponsorships are similar to regular donations because you set up a specific amount of money to give each month. Like regular donations, the amount you give is flexible too and there are a range of causes to support, whether you’re sponsoring children or wildlife. What makes sponsorship unique, however, is that the money you donate goes directly to an individual instead of a charity more broadly.

While the money you give when you sponsor may not immediately seem as far reaching as a regular donation, sponsorship can be more transparent than a general donation and the personal connection you build with the individual you sponsor is endlessly fulfilling for both you as a sponsor and those being sponsored. Sponsorship can be one of the most tangible ways to see the impact of the money you give.

When you sponsor a child through Children of Cameroon, you can choose whether to give £15, £20 or £30 per month, which cover the various educational and living needs of a child in Cameroon. Transparency is key to what we do at Children of Cameroon and so we send monthly sponsorship reports that include precise details of how the money you give has been spent. We also promote a personal connection between our children and their sponsors because we believe it leads to a longer, more impactful relationship and so we allow you to pick the child you wish to sponsor, as well as encouraging contact between the sponsor and the sponsored child.

If you’re thinking of sponsorship, why not take a look at last week’s article where we go over some of the reasons to sponsor a child this Christmas time?

3. Volunteer

With presents, decorations and food to buy, Christmas can be a time of financial strain, this year more than ever. But, you don’t need to spend money to make a difference! Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling ways you can make a difference to the lives of others and all it will cost you is some free time.

The advantages of volunteering are endless. It’s a fantastic way to use your unique skills and passions to create a positive impact, as well as meet new people and be part of a mission bigger than yourself. Because many volunteer positions are skills-based it can also be a great way to try new things or gain experience as you help others. While COVID-19 has affected the amount of physical volunteering positions available, online volunteering has become more prominent, so it’s easier than ever to make a difference. This means that not only are there an even larger variety of roles accessible to you, you also don’t have to leave your home: all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Charities rely on their volunteers as much as their donations and if you’re making the world a better place by doing the thing you love, your impact can be profound. We’re always looking for volunteers from all backgrounds with any kind of skill set to help us provide an access to education for Cameroonian children. Volunteering with us is entirely online and remote, so you can work around your schedule to help change lives in Cameroon. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, you can look at any opportunities on our Do-It page or contact us.

4. Fundraise

While volunteering is more flexible than ever, if you want to make a difference in a shorter amount of time during the festive season, there’s not much better than fundraising. As with volunteering, physical fundraising events are currently limited due to the global situation. But, there are lots of non-traditional ways of raising money, from fundraising while you shop online or open a new tab to walking your dog. Marathons may be cancelled, but you can still raise money while you train for the next one with charity running apps.

All you need to fundraise is to set a milestone and set up a GoFundMe page. Earlier this month, Tamsin Clover walked 35k and raised £100 for Children of Cameroon, which meant that we could buy 6 Christmas dresses and a special meal for our children this Christmas. With fundraising you can pursue passions and experience self-improvement while raising an impressive amount of money for a good cause. You don’t need to spend anything more than a bit of time and effort to change lives.

5. Raise Awareness

If the Christmas rush has left you with little time, money or energy, don’t worry! You can still help to make the world a better place simply by raising awareness of a good cause or charity. This isn’t limited to telling friends and families about positive movements or organisations you’re passionate about. We’re more digitally connected than ever and with Sir David Attenborough recently joining Instagram and stating that “saving our planet is now a communications challenge”, there’s never been a better time to use it for good.

Whether you’re sharing a charity’s posts on social media or signing a petition to fight for something you believe in, every click makes a difference.

Feeling inspired to support a good cause this Christmas? There are lots of ways you can help us in our mission to bring education to vulnerable children in Cameroon. You can donate, volunteer or sponsor a child with us. Any form of help can make a difference in a child’s life.

If you’d like to learn more about the Christmas dress fundraiser, you can visit the GoFundMe page or read our blog about it.

If you have any questions about our work or how you can help, leave a comment below!

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