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Why Sponsor a Child with Us?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The answer to this question is simple: because we are different. Please read on to learn about our unique child sponsorship programme.

Personalised Sponsorship

Children of Cameroon offers a child sponsorship programme like no other. We are unique in that we offer a truly personalised sponsorship experience, for both the child and the sponsor.

Experience has taught us that a sponsorship relationship is likely to last for longer if the two people have something in common. By allowing the sponsor to select the child they wish to support, they tend to find a child with whom they feel they can relate to, in some way. For example, one sponsor deliberately chose to sponsor a girl who was the same age as her daughter. Another sponsor noticed that a young boy wanted to become a teacher. and, as a teacher of twenty years, the sponsor was keen to help the boy achieve his goals.

Larissa (pictured below) is 11 years old and dreams of becoming a doctor. Please click on her photo for her full profile.

Larissa - one of our children currently seeking sponsorship

Once a sponsor has signed up, the money (as little as £10) that they send each month is spent directly on helping the child that they have selected. £1 of their money contributes towards the field worker's stipend, and the remaining funds are spent on the child's school fees, equipment, food, healthcare, clothing, and other needs, depending on the level of sponsorship.

Monthly Reports

We are also unusual in that we insist on monthly contact with our sponsors. Central to our work is the need for transparency, in all areas. This is why we send out monthly reports to each sponsor, containing a breakdown of how their money has been spent, as well as details of what their sponsored child has been doing that month and, wherever possible, photographs of their sponsored child. In addition to this, sponsors are always welcome to contact us for extra information. We like to keep them as well informed as possible. Additionally, we encourage correspondence between children and sponsors, as we have found this helps to build a long lasting bond between them.

Levels of sponsorship

£10 – Level 1 sponsorship £10 per month will pay for a child’s educational needs, such as school fees, uniform, books and stationary. It will also pay for fresh vegetables from the market each week

£15 – Level 2 sponsorship £15 per month will pay for all educational, nutritional and healthcare needs.

£25 – Full sponsorship £25 per month will pay for all of a child’s basic needs. This includes: school fees and equipment, vegetables and other food basics each week, healthcare, and home-life essentials such as clothing, blankets, etc. as and when the child needs them.

Sponsorship Changes Lives

Sponsorship, of whatever level, will literally change a child's life. In addition to the relief of having essentials such as school fees taken care of, many children feel an emotional benefit from knowing that someone cares about them and their future.

Please look out for future blog posts, featuring success stories of children who have been lucky enough to find sponsors, and about children who are still in need.

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