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  • Christina Clover

Help Cyril, Destiny and Arien with their basic needs

Updated: Jun 10

I'm writing to let you know about our latest appeal, which will benefit one of our poorest families. Both of Cyril’s parents are dead, and for the last few years, he has been living with his brother, his sister-in-law, and his two small cousins, Destiny and Arien.

Life was already a struggle financially, as Cyril's brother didn’t earn a large income. However, things became a lot worse earlier this year when Cyril's brother tragically died in an accident. Now, Cyril’s sister-in-law has no income and there is no one to support her, her two children, and Cyril. 

Cyril has recently secured a sponsor, which is great news as it means all of his educational needs will be met for the duration of the sponsorship. To kick off Cyril’s sponsorship, as we do for all sponsored children, we carried out a needs assessment, and this is when the extent of the family’s needs became apparent. They lack all their basic needs including cooking equipment, hygiene products, clothing, bedding, and even regular access to food.

What are we doing to help? Well, we are currently making profiles for Destiny and Arien, and we will try to find sponsors for them as soon as possible. Additionally, Cyril’s sponsors have offered some extra money per month to help the family buy food. However, in the meantime, the family is struggling day to day, and we’d like to do more.

The aim of this fundraiser is to raise enough money to buy some essentials for the family. This will include mattresses and bedding, clothing (including shoes and underwear), cooking equipment, and hygiene products. The family are still grieving Cyril's brother and while nothing can ever help with their pain, we can at least ease the pressure they’re under by making their homelife more comfortable.

To buy the above items for all three children, we need to raise £300. If you feel able to donate even a small amount, we’d be so grateful. Anyone who kindly donates to this fundraiser will receive a report showing them how their money has been spent.

For more details, please visit our fundraising page. 

Thank you all for your support.

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