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Great News - Larissa has a Sponsor

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We at Children of Cameroon are always excited when a child finds a sponsor, and we are happy to report that Larissa now has a sponsor family in the UK.

Larissa was born into a large, polygamous family with a very low income. Although academically bright, Larissa's education has been interrupted. In Cameroon, most schools require that fees are paid and, often, that children have their own textbooks and equipment. If they don't, the children are sent home from school. This has happened many times to Larissa. In her own words, she "was never at peace at school," as she lived in constant fear that she would be sent home.

In addition to her educational difficulties, Larissa lacks in many other areas of life. The family cannot afford enough food for all the children to eat three meals a day, and at the moment, Larissa sleeps on a wooden bed, sharing her blanket with three other siblings. She has no health insurance, and no basic hygiene products such as toothbrush and paste, soap, etc.

Now, however, all this has changed.

Larissa's profile caught the eye of Jennifer and her two daughters. They read about Larissa and instantly wanted to help her. They filled in the online form and signed up to sponsor her.

From now on, Jennifer will pay £15 a month which, over the course, of six months, will change Larissa's life beyond recognition. She will have all her school fees paid, and will be the owner of a full set of textbooks and school basics such as pencils, exercise books and a calculator. She will also be given a school uniform and school shoes, for the first time in her life.

Larissa's whole family will benefit from the sponsorship, as they will be given a bag of fresh vegetables and other food staples, each week. Jennifer's support will also provide Larissa with health insurance and, over time, basics for her home life such as a blanket of her own, and a mattress to sleep on.

When Larissa was told that Jennifer and her family had signed up to sponsor her, she said, "it is the best thing that could have happened to me."

We will keep you informed on Larissa's progress.

There are many other children living in poverty in Cameroon. To change a life, as Jennifer has, please sponsor a child today.

Sponsorship starts at just £10 per month. To sponsor 6-year-old Courage (pictured above), or another child, please click here.

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